Alpaca Fiber Studio & Friends




151 Bell St. Chagrin Falls, OH 44022

Robbie Grodin (cell) 216-849-8850 (email)



Over the years, I could not find what we needed.
As an alpaca breeder, it did not make sense to be unable to have access to processed alpaca fiber other than yarn. The drape, the flow, and the softness that luxurious alpaca fiber has to offer were not to be found.   So…..we developed our own! 

Alpaca Fiber Studio & Friends offers alpaca Art Batts, Prefelts, Felting Materials, and Fabrics in addition to our yarns. We mix different colors, fibers, textures, add a little bling, and….Shazam! We offer our fiber and felting materials for sale. They are the same materials we use in our unique wearable art designs. It has been important to have a great working friendship with our mill! Terri Stamba and Wendy Daily have jumped to the challenge when asked “How far we can push this equipment?


Our alpaca fiber is hand dyed and carded into Bumps or Art Batts depending if you are spinning, spinning art yarns, or felting.  We

like to add a little bling and call it "Kitchen-Sink". 

Picture coming soon







Our new toy!

We have partnered with Stramba Fiber Mill to create alpaca prefelts. We will use them in our wearable art designs here in 2012. The Felt loom allows us to make alpaca prefelts which are a very easy to felt with!




Alpaca prefelts are needle felted sheets dyed or natural colors. We sell them unstructured (just fiber needle felted) or structured (fiber is needled felted onto fabric). Prefelts dramatically reduce layout time and felt very quickly.